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My email to an older admirer I have gotten  back in touch with

Hello babe. I thought more information about me may help you understand me. Yes I am a submissive slut but I do like to be treated nice sometimes too, taken out for meals, etc. You just need to remember, I need a little bit of saucy play whilst out and about :)

I hope this email is a little more revealing for you babe, that you see me for who and what I am: a simple girl with a high sex drive and filthy mind. Yes I behave like a slag but you can use that to your advantage babe, imagine…. a young woman who will do absolutely anything you ever fantasised about and love and adore you and pander to your every need.

As you can see, I have sent you some photos because I  want you to see me instead of imagine me. I hope you don’t think I am ugly! This means I can show you some of the few photos I have salvaged off my old laptop, I forgot about a few of them but then again, I rarely got to see any photos of me, Shaun my ex, never let me. And that is where I will begin my story, the full unabridged version of Shaun and how I have ended up as I am.


While I was at university, I used to go out only occasionally for a drink with the girls, student life was hard. We used to go to a nightclub sometimes and whilst still in my first year nursing degree, I met Shaun. He was a doorman at the nightclub and each time I went in, he always made some subtle remark to me, suggestive but not openly rude.

One Friday after our first exam, I ended up in the same club as usual, very drunk as we were celebrating the exam being over. I barely noticed Shaun but registered him looking me up and down as I passed. The night carried on and the few of us still left kept drinking and soon enough, I got lost and disorientated. I remember standing against the railing around the dance floor and staring at this couple dirty dancing with each other. I have no idea how long I watched them but after they started French kissing I was lost in my own fantasy, imagining it being me on the dance floor, feeling his hands on my hips and bum, momentarily flipping my short dress up, revealing my bare bum. My pussy got very moist which doesn’t surprise me as drinking makes me very horny. I was so drunk I didn’t even know if it was real or my fantasy when I felt a big pair of hands on my hips and then a kiss on the back of my neck. I felt a big man nestle against my back, his bulge clearly pushing against my bum. 

I remember nearly melting as I felt the hands move around to my stomach and then up to my boobs, cupping them both and gently squeezing as I craned my neck around to kiss my mysterious suitor. We kissed like our lives depended on it, frantically, tongues delving deep into each others mouths.  I wanted this man whoever he was and yet I hadn’t even opened my eyes and felt dizzy and warm. I imagined the man of the couple on the dance floor and gasped as I felt his right hand move under my dress and his fingers brush my pussy through my lace thong. Feeling his fingers expertly move my thong aside and slip into my soaking pussy drove me wild. The pounding music, the funny feeling I had and the desire to have this man right here right now made me very giddy, not knowing where I was or what I was doing.

To my utter horror when I woke up the next day, I was crushed up against the railings, face visible for anyone dancing, being fingered to orgasm by a strange man and I loved it. I imagined everyone was watching me and was cheering me on, loving the performance.  As my orgasm subsided I reached behind me and groped around until I gripped a semi hard cock through the trousers of my secret lover. I wanted it and fiddled with the zip but my man turned me around forcefully and said “Not here, come on.”

It wasn’t until we were in his car that I actually realised it was Shaun and I just gazed at him admiringly while I sat next to him in the passenger seat, my legs splayed and his free hand between my thighs and two big fingers in my pussy. Every now and then I felt his fingers brush my bum hole and I would flinch a little, I had done anal before but not much and it hurt.  Once we got to his, Shaun wordlessly led me by the hand into his lovely house and took me straight up to his bedroom, lying me on the bed.

He went off and came back with a camera and for a moment I felt panic but quickly felt good again, sitting on the end of the bed with Shaun before me and his crotch six inches from my face. I quickly got his dick out and was impressed with the size and felt a surge of lust. I took his semi hard cock into my mouth and sucked my lips tight around the base. I suddenly felt Shaun grip my head then start to slide his growing dick in and out. “I knew what you were the minute I saw you. Oh fuck, oh yes!” His cock was hard by now and a good length but he still kept tight hold of my head while he slid in and out of my mouth, forcing himself into my throat. I 

gagged and choked and felt like I was going to be sick but he kept on fucking my throat and kept on talking to me. “Yes baby, I knew you were a filthy little slut.” I had never seen myself as a slut apart from the occasional flirt and a little flashing. “I knew you would swallow cock and suck like a pro, the minute I laid eyes on you coming into the club the first time, little slutty dress, fuck me shoes and stockings no less. I would have fucked you that night but your friends stayed with you all night.” I cast my delirious mind back to the year before and our Christmas party, dressed just like he said. “I told the lads then, I am going to fucking own that little teasing cunt one day” He rammed his cock hard right down my throat. “And look at me now, balls deep down your pretty little throat. Fucking slut! Suck it nice and deep!”

I sucked his cock while he fucked my mouth until he eventually told me to take my dress off but to leave my shoes and panties on. “Skanky little whore, out with no bra on as well. Come here!” He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them hard until I cried out and then said “Good, so you know I am going to own you tonight bitch. Your tight little cunt, your arsehole, your mouth and of course your lovely tits.” He squeezed them hard again “Are mine, do you understand Lucy?” I couldn’t find any other words except “Yes.” and with that he laid me back on the bed and took hold of my ankles, spreading them wide apart.

"I’ve wanted this for too fucking long you whore so excuse me if I seem fucking eager." With that he plunged his hard cock deep inside of me and I cried out loudly. "That’s right bitch fucking make some noise, tell me you want it. Say what you want."

"I want it." I whimpered. "Exactly what you want you stupid skank. My cock, say you want it." He rammed it in me really hard and I yelped "I want your cock! I want you to fuck me with your hard fucking cock!" And I did. I was so turned on by his manner and his confidence.

He quickly found a hard and fast rhythm and kept ploughing his hard cock into my tight little pussy. “See, I knew you were a slut, aren’t you Lucy? Tell me what you are.”

"A slut, I am a dirty slut." I couldn’t believe it, he had total control over me and I was completely in his power.

"I can feel you love cock my little slut, your cunt is soaking wet. Well I’ve got plenty of cock for my dirty little slut, she won’t go without hard cock again." His talk was making me so randy and I came again but he still kept plunging his cock into me time and again. I couldn’t believe it when I came again, especially when Shaun grunted and obviously began shooting his sperm into me. Me! With no pill! 

Part 2 to follow….

beavbo asked:

Do you have any regular BBC's you play with?

There used to be more that we played with regularly however they have moved away. We are looking to start up with one or two others that we have talked with and met. Really looking for some great guys to have as a regular again.